The ColorWorld Universe is a shared universe created by Jordann William Edwards. It consists of various interconnected stories told across multiple media. It is made by crossing over plots, settings, cast, and characters.

This universe consists of three main franchises: The Dynamite Twins and Friends, Tails from the Federation, and Dragon Mages.

Development Edit

In 2008, Jordann Edwards created the characters and the world of what would eventually become The Dynamite Twins and Friends. He was inspired by what Marvel Studios had done with its Cinematic Universe, but he opted to build a universe where it is "transmedia" from the start - multiple stories across multiple mediums.

In 2017, Edwards teamed up with his friends as the initial members of the ColorWorld Universe Story Team.

Stories Edit

The Dynamite Twins and Friends Edit

The Dynamite Twins and Friends is the main component of the Universe.

Tails from the Federation Edit

Tails from the Federation serves as a "bridge" between the events of the Twins and the vastness of the cosmos.

Dragon Mages Edit

Dragon Mages is a high fantasy adventure about a realm of dimension-travelling dragons.